Ellisville City park

Recently the Mayor and Aldermen appointed a committee consisting of members of the Board of Aldermen and community representatives to study the opportunity of building a playground for the citizens of Ellisville.

The property that is earmarked for the project is located next to the city community center and library. The objective is to encourage children and adults to have a healthier lifestyle with exercise on the playground equipment while providing other learning opportunities with the close proximity to the library. This project will take at least a year to complete. The committee anticipates the total cost of the project to be $150,000 - $200,000 and we have begun fundraising activities and have had some advance contributions already.

With donations from businesses and individuals, we have purchased a standing structure for children ages 2-5, a swing for individuals using a wheelchair, and three spring riders. With donations from individuals, we have also purchased several benches and three picnic tables.

Our goal is to raise enough money to purchase a standing structure for children ages 6-12, swings with bucket seats for small children and belt seats for older children, a pavilion, a walking track, and a splash pad.

We are seeking donations from businesses, community service organizations, and individuals to complete this project.

Our plan is to recognize contributors in the playground area by erecting a sign with sponsors listed according to the donation made. For example, gold, silver, bronze sponsors. With a donation large enough to purchase, for example, the pavilion, we can put the name of your business on the structure.

The contributions will be received by the City of Ellisville and therefore meet tax exempt status.

Thank you for all that you do for the citizens of Ellisville and we look forward to receiving your contribution.

Should you have any questions please call Ellisville City Hall at 601-477-3323.